On Saturday, January 24th, 500px will be doing our first photowalk of 2015 in Toronto, San Francisco AND New York City… all at once! It’s completely free, so just RSVP to the appropriate FB page (TO, SF or NYC) and get ready to explore your city with a top-notch 500px photographer in the lead.

For 500px‘s first photowalk of 2015, we’re pulling out all the stops. Not only are we going to be doing a photo walk in San Francisco, Toronto AND New York City all at once, we also managed to snag some of the best photographers on 500px (and in the world, for that matter) to lead them!

For you San Franciscoans with your tech nerdiness and your start-up prowess, that means you get to meet and hang out with three really awesome people:

1. Alex Kim: 500px Product Marketing extraordinaire, occasional author of posts on ISO and Huffington Post, and all-around awesome human being.

2. Klassy P. Goldberg: Social Media lead at 500px, passionate fashionista, and kind of shy so make sure you ALL go say “Hi” to her and make her talk to you ; )

and, most exciting for all the photography lovers joining us…

3. Toby Harriman: Aerial, Landscape and Adventure Photographer whose name you may have heard and photos you’ve definitely seen. He’s the creative mind behind the photos below:

Toby’s skills behind the camera are, for the sake of dropping a ridiculous understatements, ample. He’s been hired and/or interviewed by the likes of Red Bull, Coors Light, Adobe, Behance, CNBC, GoPro, and Plus One Magazine — just to name a few.

Born in Colorado, his love for the outdoors was cemented long before he made it out to the coast to go to school for Web Design, discovered his true passion was photography, and started driving around the country timelapsing and taking on photography full time.

His professional accolades are also worth noting. Not only is he a talented freelance photographer who’s been hired by some big names, he’s also been the Photo Editor at a little company you may have heard of called Lytro and is the founder of Planet Unicorn Collective, which he describes as “a collective of young artists and marketing professionals who have united their skill sets under one entity to form a cutting edge content marketing firm.”

And this is the guy who you’ll be following along this Saturday if you’re in San Francisco, taking pictures at the beach — something he’s particularly fantastic at — among other things. If you’re in SF, or if you’re close enough to get there on January 24th, there’s really no reason to miss this opportunity. JOIN US!

Plus, even if your’e a beginner, just joined 500px, and don’t even have a ‘real’ camera to your name, you have nothing to worry about! This is a mobile photowalk that is very beginner-friendly. Bring your smartphone, load up the 500px App, and start snapping away.

You might even win some VERY exciting (and expensive) prizes — keep an eye on Facebook tomorrow to find out what those are.

In the meantime, RSVP to the SF Photo Walk on Facebook so we know you’re. That’s also where you’ll see the route, meeting place, and more details about the giveaways we’ll be doing.

To see more of Toby’s incredible work, visit him on 500px, head over to his website, check out Planet Unicorn Collective, or give him a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.