Some people just have cooler offices than others… offices with a view… an ever-changing view that can include everything from the aurora borealis, to gorgeous cityscapes, to well-lit concrete slabs flying by at hundreds of miles per hour.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about pilots, specifically the pilots on 500px who consistently upload some of the coolest “photos of my office” you’ve ever envied.

From detail shots of mind-blowingly complicated control panels, to sunset, to the northern lights, to cloud cover as far as the eye can see, we’re incredibly proud that these high-fliers call 500px home.

Check out 25 of their best shots below:

From the cockpit of a Ju-52 by Alex Teuscher on

34,000ft by Jules Phillips on

Warp... by mommam 777 on

And, just as a bonus, we present to you a few selfies by two of the most talented photographer pilots whose work you see above. Two by Karim Nafatni, and one by Huss Cani.

To browse through more of the best cockpit photos on 500px, click here. And if you think your office can compete with the ones pictured above, drop us a link and description in the comments down below! It’s alright… we won’t judge you for bragging.