In a creative slump? Throw some paint on it and tell that slump to get the heck out of here!

These 40 crazy and fun face painting portraits on 500px are a great example of a way to try turn your portraits into something strange and different. To stop posing your models the same way, making them up the same way, doing their hair the same way, photographing them in the same light and with the same expression.

Pardon my French, but screw that! Try something new this week and have a blast while you’re at it. Whether it’s face paint splatter, ultraviolet art, or an amazing pattern created by a local professional you hire, adding some paint to your portraits can help you bust through that slump and get creative again.

The Eye Of Colors by Tracy Parker on


DarkRed by Daniel Nanescu on

Tribal by James Moxley on

body paint by Jacek Wo?niak on

Nepal  by Daniel Rubio on

Lava by Stanislav Istratov on

Astral Deity by Wilmark Jolindon on

Those eyes by Francesco Rizzato on

Untitled by Alexander Smirnov on

Cora 1 by Kavak Agir on

RGB feelings  by Petko Petkov on

Violet by Balázs Tóth on

Candy Skull Make-Up by Jacek Wo?niak on

The Mask by Alexander Khokhlov on

Se lena by Anna Bushueva on

War Paint by Albert Pedrosa on

dark pink by Benjamin Hartmann on

Electric: beauty portrait of a model by Arsenii Gerasymenko on

B&G .. by abdullah mohammed on

Dia De Los Muertos by Robert Stebler on

Constellation Of Beauty by Maxim  Guselnikov on

Giedre by Damien Mohn on

American Beauty by Faye Marie on

Colorful by Ricardo Williams on

P by Julia N on

Skull Boy by Tim Paza May on

Hypnose by Alexander Khokhlov on

La Catrina by Nick Chao on

Alina by Pavel Obvintsev on

Pulse by Alexander Khokhlov on

White skin by Sidsel Worm on

halloween make up sugar skull by Olena Zaskochenko on

Ukraine by Olena Zaskochenko on

Fijona by Hans-Peter Jakob on

UV portrait by Pavel Reband on

Black & Powder ! by Mohammad Quwaie on

Day of the Dead by Lauren Bates on

beauty by Sebastien Degardin on

Dark beauty by Dmitriy  Sandratsky on

If you have your own face painting portraits, upload them to 500px and share them in the comments! And if there’s a face paint portrait on 500px that you think should have made this list, link us to that as well.