Black and white or color… a decision photographers have had to make, roll-by-roll and shot-by-shot, since the rise of color negative film.

Black and white portraits, black and white landscapes, and black and white wildlife images are all still very prevalent, even in the digital age when almost all photos are captured color in-camera. But one genre where black and white isn’t just accepted, but almost expected, is Street Photography.

A street photograph seems, at least to this writer, more at home in black and white. The bones and motion of a scene better emphasized, no color to distract the viewer. From highly-stylized to more traditional, most of my favorite street photos are captured (or at least shared) in black and white.

Untitled by Daniel Antunes on

500px may be better known for vibrant landscapes than colorless street photographs, but you’d be surprised what you’ll find in the archives if you do a simple search.

Here’s a selection of the best black and white street photography you’ll find on 500px:

Anonymous by Romie Stanley .D.Guns on

One Step Closer by Paulo Abrantes on

White Room by Paulo Abrantes on

REFRESHING by Mr Friks  on

running towards the light by Christopher Dandrow on

SP by Anderson Peron on

punti di rottura by Paola Schiavetti on

escalier by Kai Ziehl on

Untitled by Daniel Antunes on

Parisian Morn by Cubz Cubbon on

NYC by Tom Spader on

Under the snow by Murat KOÇAK on

street reality  by jayanta roy on

The newspaperman by Sebastien MANOURY on

Come Out And Play! by Romie Stanley .D.Guns on

Lady ... by Davide®  on

Bordeaux Alley by Dieter Krehbiel on

use the Force by Jakub Ostrowski on

roller coaster by mafalda . s on

music in the hands of... by Konstantin Vodolazov on

Gothic Quarters - Barcelona by Frank van Haalen on

Lisbon morning sessions #87 by André Viegas on

follow the lines by ulrik teisner on

Winter Nights VI by Daniel Koehler on

babe...please don

pietà by Fred Matos on

Pure Joy by Martin Hricko on

Dark rain by frederic vasquez on

the rainmaker by Aufik (A) on

. by Trefla  on

Collecting Water by Rob ONeill on

This is nowhere near a comprehensive list of the best black-and-white street photography on 500px, but we didn’t want to keep you scrolling for the rest of the day. To see all the best street photos captured by our amazing community, click here.

And while you’re there, share your favorite B&W street photo in the comments down below!