Each month, we highlight some of the best Licensing submissions in our 500px New in Licensing Gallery. In this series, we’ll delve into why these photos are in high demand and make for excellent Licensing content. As part of our ongoing commitment to educate and inform our 500px Licensing Contributors, we’ll feature new and relevant photos on a monthly basis to help inspire creativity and connect Contributors with the latest trends in the Licensing industry. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s top 10 photos that are sure to captivate and inspire.

If you are a fan of minimalism, then Naoto Kisanuki’s Licensing submission will be a treat. Shot on a Leica M-10P, Naoto’s stunning photo is simple in composition but does not fail to capture the moments of anticipation before a storm. The juxtaposition of the calm, snow-filled landscape with the impending stormy sky gives the viewer a mix of emotions and excitement.

1. We love how this shot can be used for various commercial purposes. It can easily be used to improve any creative work, digital wallpaper, or integrated into commercial campaigns.

2. We appreciate how clean and minimal Naoto kept the image without compromising visual interest and aesthetic.

Evgeniia Freeman captured this beautiful portrait of two sisters. We love how genuine and inviting this photo is. Evgeniia did a great job at capturing real models with authentic emotion.

1. We love how this photo connects to themes of family, unconditional love, connection, and relationships.

2. We appreciate that Evgeniia used real models that reflect the current demands and expectations of consumers. The models are embracing their natural beauty with confidence and love.

Jaromír Chalabala has an impressive Licensing portfolio of over 3,000 photos. His work is intentional and diverse. We appreciate how Jaromir captures various themes of business and industry within his work.

1. We love that this image illustrates themes of travel. Jaromir captured this image in an airport, which could have required a property release, but because of the shallow depth of field used in the photo, this location is unrecognizable—only revealing enough background information to tell the viewer that this model is waiting for a flight.

2. It was a great choice by Jaromir to include copy space within the frame. This allows image buyers to easily apply text onto the image and incorporate it into design work or campaigns easily.

This photo, by Mike Linnane, captured our attention because of how real and relatable it is. The anticipation of the dog holding his ball and looking at the viewer as if to say, “come and play with me”, is so clearly communicated. We had to highlight this image for its relatable and realistic message.

1. We love how this image is captured within the moment. The subject can easily pick up on its authenticity.

2. We appreciate that Mike shot this image at eye level with the subject. It allows the viewer to be face-to-face with the dog and feel immersed within the scene.

We love David Goza’s wildlife photo of two elk on a snowy day. The photo is picture-perfect, to say the least. The depth of the photo and the texture of the snow creates a beautiful scene that is immersive for the viewer.

1. We love how David included copy space within his photo. This makes his image more desirable to content buyers.

2. We love how the image captures various depths of the scene. From the snow in the foreground to the layers of mountains in the background, this image has a lot of visual interest for the viewer.

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