Back to Work” was a really fun Photo Quest for us here at 500px. It wasn’t just about the 3,000+ really cool photos you all shared, it was also about seeing all of the really interesting things 500pxers do for their day jobs!

Some work in offices, others in studios; some spend their days flying high above the world in commercial airliners, and others hang off of buildings for a living. But all of you did an awesome job showing us what those jobs were, and captured some sweet photos in the process.

Check out the shortlist below, and then keep on scrolling to see the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners!

Backtowork - floor sanding by Michal Zila on

Where all almost "begins" by Armando  Alvarez Lopez on

Cockpit sunset by Martijn Kort on

Painted doors by nipun prabhakar on

Work in paradise by Jozef Micic on

Back to Work by Mark Paulson on

Antarctic Line Handlers by Cynthia Spence on

Coffee mug in hand. Woman working in the office regarding accounting by Oleksandr Boiko on

The Jeweller

Wood Carver by Brenda Johnson on

Bad day by emilio cera on

The Terminal by Shamim Shorif  Susom on

But as cool as the photos that made the shortlist are, we had to pick winners too. With 3,000 awesome entries to choose from this was a VERY difficult task, but somehow our Content Editors managed to do it without (too much) blood shed or (too many) tears.

And so, without further ado, we’re proud to present the winners of our Back to Work Photo Quest!

In 3rd place

Drawing project by Jelena Jovanovic:

Drawing project by jelena jovanovic on

In 2nd place

Making of decoration by Mayna Khomenko:

Making of decoration by Maryna Khomenko on

And finally… 1st Place

The top spot and a MindShift Gear UltraLight Sprint 16L photo daypack goes to…

Office Job by Dany Eid:

Office Job by Dany Eid on

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