#500pxMvP by Brian Simon

It sounds like the beginnings of a very odd joke: 60 photographers, models, and make up artists walk into a photogenic office basement in Toronto. If we wanted to turn it into clickbait we could follow that up with “you’ll never guess what happened next!” Except that you probably could… and it was awesome.

It was our Models Vs. Photographers event yesterday at 500px HQ in Toronto, where 60 enthusiastic models, photogs, and makeup artists joined some of the 500px team for a day of portrait photography, learning, and fun.

If you couldn’t go (you’re not alone… a certain editor lives in New York City) here’s a behind the scenes look at what you missed. Who knows, if you complain enough we might just have to put on these events in other cities… wouldn’t that be a shame…







Tomorrow we’ll put up a roundup of our favorite portraits from the event, so if you were there get to uploading and tag your images with #500pxmvp! In the meantime, you can see what’s already been uploaded by clicking here.