500px strives to capture authentic representation within the global experience. As part of the 500px Commercial Grants program, we provide photographers with opportunities that encourage inclusivity within commercial photography.

500px is awarding a total of $5,000 US in grants, to be shared amongst five photographers, as part of the Reimagining Mental Health Commercial Grant. We are looking to partner with creators who can showcase how mental health can be more broadly represented. Every 500px photographer will have the chance to submit their photo to the Commercial Grant Quest for consideration.

Reimagining Mental Health:

Representation within mental health advertising can often provide people with clarity and hope, even though it is something deeply and profoundly personal. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health,

“1 in 5 U.S adults experience mental illness each year.”

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a wave of popular television series such as the acclaimed NBC drama ‘This is Us’, which brings important conversations around mental health to the forefront of popular media. Popular media like this helps to promote discussion around what depression and anxiety look like in the real world and how people manage a complex range of emotions. While today’s society and cultures continue to progress toward de-stigmatizing mental health, it is essential to acknowledge that there is no one way to define someone’s experience.

This all underscores the necessity of redefining what mental health looks like within advertising. One hurdle we face is how to articulate and visualize the daily challenges associated with navigating mental illness. Whether it’s finding a way to overcome an obstacle, feelings of isolation, asking for help, or finding a support system, concepts within mental health can be applied and depicted through a broad range of imagery. It is essential that we begin to explore a multifaceted approach to awareness and the common misconceptions associated with mental illness.

The Theme:

Reimagining Mental Health will focus on stories that promote an inclusive look at how mental health is portrayed in advertising while reimagining how a variety of themes can help drive awareness and messaging within the mental health industry.

Winners & Selection Process:

5 photographers will each receive a $1,000 US grant to develop a commercial series to be featured in this Collection.

Commercial Grants will be awarded by the 500px Content Team and will be selected based on the applicant’s ability to execute on the requirements of the Commercial Grant. The 500px Content Team will take into account the photographer’s portfolio as well as the narrative within the submission.

For more information, please review and submit your photos to the Reimagining Mental Health Commercial Grant Quest.

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