Hey, it’s me again, Evgeny Tchebotarev, co-founder of 500px. This month, I’ve been on a road trip across Northwest USA, from California to Colorado. Read on for a glimpse of my Road Trip Photo Diary: Day 3. You can also follow our adventure on Instagram, Twitter, or 500px with hashtag #500northwest.

It’s Day 4 now. Day 3 was a mix of driving around Portland and heading to Cannon beach for the late sunset views. The weather wasn’t too supportive. Portland was cloudy, and it rained a bit in the afternoon.

Photograph Majestic and known worldwide Multnomah waterfall is simply stunning. Very popular tourist spot but v by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px

Multnomah Falls is so well-known that if I didn’t know a thing about Portland, I’d still know about Multnomah Falls. It’s gorgeous, and the hike is super easy, so no wonder it’s full of tourists. Despite that, it’s a great place to make a gorgeous photo even on the iPhone.

Photograph Absolutely stunning Oneonta Gorge trail it's probably the most beautiful place we've seen on this tr by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px

Photograph Oregon is insanely beautiful. All the people who live here are truly blessed to have such a beautiful by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px

We then ventured onto Oneonta Gorge, which is probably the single best view that I have seen. It’s a gorgeous trail, but one has to be prepared to get wet. For best views, you have to get neck-deep in the water. I wasn’t prepared to do that unfortunately, so I stayed on the dry side. Until next time!

Photograph Found another soul with the same passion :) @strochka #500northwest #adventure #carporn #Oregon #500 by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px

We found a similar soul, and she put a 500px logo on the car too. Now, there’s a small fleet of 500px-branded cars on the Oregon roads. Look out for that! If you share a photo of our car with hashtag #500northwest, you will get a prize.

Photograph Arrived at the Cannon beach to a very mellow sunset through the raining clouds. It was getting a lit by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px

Late evening, right on the edge of the sunset, we arrived to Cannon Beach. It was raining, getting colder and foggy, so we just walked on the beach and took a few very light pictures. It was time to find a hotel for the night…

Photograph Another early morning. This time a sunrise (that didn't quite happen) on Cannon beach #Oregon. Beaut by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px

For the sunrise, we went back to Cannon Beach, looking for some light. Instead, we found Cannon Beach and Haystack hugged by the night fog. It makes for nice hazy photos, so here’s one from 7 a.m. this morning!

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