Above: Photo by Amitabh Kumar

Hello—Evgeny Tchebotarev here. I’m the co-founder of 500px, and I’m back with a new episode of 500px Portfolio Reviews. Want to get a free review of your photos from an industry expert, or get insights into what makes a photo click with commercial buyers and editors? Tune in to 500px Portfolio Reviews, where I give constructive, honest, and no-sugar-coated critique on selected 500px photos.

In Episode 6, I sit down with Nuno Silva, Content Director of commercial licensing marketplace 500px Prime. Nuno is here to figure out which photos are sellable on 500px Prime, what markets are a good fit for your photos, and point out what stock photo buyers are looking for. We hope our critique will help you get better as a commercial photographer, and help you sell more of your work.

Together, we review 11 new submissions from these 500px photographers:
Alexander Müller
Peter Mayo
Amitabh Kumar
Dan Peever
Himadri & Chandrani
Scott Davenport
Patrick Clarke
Eric O’Donnell
Willem Verboom
Anzor Asadov
Igor Levkovsky

Click play on the video below to see what Nuno and I have to say:

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