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‘Organization Porn’ is a thing now (seriously) and I totally get it. There’s something deeply satisfying about symmetry; random items arranged just so by size, or function, or color; and patterns so perfect they make that OCD part of your brain breathe a sigh of contentment and shut the heck up for a second.

So, in the name of calming the voice in your head that wants you to arrange the pencils on your desk by size right now — or turn the volume to a multiple of 5… or fill in that one off-color piece in an otherwise perfect pattern — here are 25 photos that will soothe your inner neat freak and scratch that organization itch. Enjoy!

Imagine if just one of those chairs was red… *shudder*:

Don’t know how I feel about the sign in the middle… but this still makes me happy:

Either humans were involved, or this is the most organized quail in history:

Balloon nozzles… these are balloon nozzles.

Not sure if these are buttons or bottles of wine, but at the moment that doesn’t seem to matter:

Everybody arranges their colored pencils this way right? No? Just me? Okay…

Don’t ever run with scissors… organize them by color instead:

Even the pencil shavings have been arranged at a right angle. That’s dedication right there:

If you’re gonna take apart your camera, this is the way you do it:

OCD gambler?

Even Mother Nature has her Anal Retentive moments:

My question is, what happens when someone needs to cork a bottle of wine? *involuntary eye twitch*

My kind of fruit cart salesman. Bravo sir or madam… bravo.


That’ll do architect… that’ll do:

I wanna see the way this person keeps his or her axes organized…

Time spent collection shells? 5 minutes. Time spent organizing them? 5 minutes. Time spent deciding if the fourth shell is smaller, larger, or the same size as the fifth shell? 2 hours and 45 minutes:

I think the tripod needs to go about 3 millimeters to the left… just sayin’:

This is a photo of the surface of the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, or SAHMRI:

The question now is: did someone already go ahead and turn all the nozzles the same direction?

This is just beautiful… no snarky comment necessary:

Oddly enough, the missing piece makes this one. Maybe it’s the checkered pattern underneath?

I’d like to introduce this fruit vendor to the previous fruit vendor. A love story in the making:

Men’s Warehouse employees take note, I will NOT buy a single shirt if it’s this well organized:

This is how you take apart your bike when you clean it, right?

Not quite soothed yet? Feel the need to go organize something? Great! Go out and organize a bowl of skittles or arrange your stuffed animals by size, take a picture of it, and upload to 500px with the hashtag #organizationporn attached.

Upload over the weekend. On Monday I’ll check the hashtag and, if enough of you have uploaded, I’ll put together another collection of the best, most OCD-soothing photos of the bunch.