If a rainbow umbrella isn’t on your list of awesome photography props, you may want to consider adding it. And when you do, put it really close to the top.

There’s nothing like the shock of color provided by a rainbow umbrella to give a purposely minimal, nearly monochromatic photo that elusive “pop” we’re always looking for. It’ll turn a “normal” or “standard” shot into something awesome.

Don’t believe me? Check out these 21 gorgeous examples I found while digging around the 500px archives:

the silence of snow by Viktoria Haack on 500px.com

Snow and Rainbow by David Dai on 500px.com

Street rainbow by Tatiana Avdjiev on 500px.com

Uncertain Steps by Claudio Cantonetti on 500px.com

Autumn Rainbow by Jollo Jollo on 500px.com

Rainy colours by Thomas Radtke on 500px.com

nothing II by Patricia Dries on 500px.com

Peaceful time by Izrua Kim on 500px.com

Rainy Days by Luis Valadares on 500px.com

The flower in a drought by Izrua Kim on 500px.com

Yummy by Sim  Kim Seong on 500px.com

Yellow Walk by Hannah Denski on 500px.com

Belvedere Palace by C_MC_FL_  on 500px.com

the end by ?BRAH?M ETHEM PARALI on 500px.com

My Inner Circle by Randi Grace Nilsberg on 500px.com

Autumn, Welcome Back! by Farah Gasimzade on 500px.com

The First Snowfall by Craig Williams on 500px.com

umbrellas in snow by brane zalar on 500px.com

Rainbow by Mateusz Strelau on 500px.com

Relation Ship by Joe  Plasmatico on 500px.com

Have your own rainbow umbrella shot to share? Upload to 500px and share a link in the comments down below. And if you don’t already own one of these, go buy one this week, get creative, and capture a few fresh photos of your own!