Photographer, illustrator, and 500pxer Max Ellis has more fun taking pictures of squirrels than anybody has any right to. He clearly has a way with them, and has taken photos of the furry little guys and gals playing with everything from fake dumbbells to a tiny electric guitar.

His most recent squirrel series, however, put him over that ‘viral’ barrier.

After much trial and error, Max finally figured out how to get one of the denizens of his garden to play with a tiny umbrella in the rain—producing photos like this that went completely viral on the Interwebz:

So, you ask yourself, how did he do it! After all, it can’t be easy to convince a squirrel to start using an umbrella.

Actually, it was easier than you think. Max told the Daily Mail that squirrels aren’t actually very “keen” on the rain, and so he hung a tiny umbrella on his porch using a fishing line, and covered the thing in sunflower seeds and peanut butter.

It took some time—enough time that Max considered building a covered walkway from the tree to the porch—but in the end one curious critter did make his or her way out to play with the tasty shelter for a few minutes.

Here’s what he captured during that time:

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[H/T Bored Panda via Daily Mail]