Sometimes Mother Nature is a showoff…

Remember Kelly DeLay‘s incredible twin tornado photo from Simla, Colorado? The once-in-a-lifetime image that has been published far and wide by everyone from BuzzFeed to The LA Times because it’s just. that. good?

Here’s another look at the photograph (and story) in case you somehow missed the media frenzy around it:

Well, it turns out Mother Nature wasn’t satisfied with showing just her dark side that June 4th day. 30 minutes later, Kelly tells us something else awesome happened:

The sun started to come out, then I noticed the rainbows. The main rainbow looked like it was right in my face. Never seen anything like it. I had to get out of my car to get the tornado in the shot. It was hailing (golf ball to pea size) so I put on my helmet, ran to this view and got the shot. Look closely at the streak. That is large hail falling into the refracting light of the rainbow!

Here’s the photo he’s talking about:

Some storm chasers have all the luck… okay fine maybe doing this incessantly for 6 years and developing your skill to Kelly’s level has a TEENSY bit to do with it.

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