Anybody who has ever tried to capture a great portrait knows just how important composition is. The rule of thirds, golden spiral, leading lines and more are not just important for landscapes — these rules can take your portraits to the next level as well.

And that’s exactly what the good people at Weekly Imogen demonstrate in the short and simple (but extremely useful) tutorial below on using leading lines to enhance your portrait photography.

Whether it’s train platforms, a beautiful wall, a well-placed corner, or even carefully arranged arms and/or legs, leading lines can ensure your viewer’s eye is naturally guided towards your subject.

Just search for portrait on 500px and you’ll see this technique in use all over the place. Here are just a few great photos we found that use leading lines in one way or another to help make the photo more pleasing and easier to digest:

This is just scratching the surface. The technique is incredibly common and DEFINITELY something you should consider when you’re out on your next portrait session. Between this tip and the portrait photography infographic from last week, you should be well on your way to capturing some awesome pictures of people!

To see more tips from Weekly Imogen, be sure to check them out on YouTube, and then encourage them to join 500px ; )

[H/T The Phoblographer]