Sports photography is all about capturing the action, athleticism, team spirit, and sense of competition found in physical activities.

For our Sports Quest, we were lucky to have 500px Ambassador and talented sports photographer and director Duncan Nicholls as our Guest Judge. We’ll let him take it from here.


There was so much variety in the submissions, not only in terms of the sports represented, but also the techniques used and the emotions expressed. Some entries focused on the hero in the arena, while others demonstrated the dedication and passion in sport. There were beautiful shots that stepped back and captured the grace of the sport within a stunning landscape, or that used strong geometry in the composition. I loved the cinematic aesthetic of the images taken under artificial floodlights at night.

So to everyone who entered, who stepped up and showcased their vision and skill (both in the capture and also the edit), thank you and great work. Your love of sports and sports photography, as well as technical skill, shone through.

I could make a very strong case for selecting any of my top 10 finalists as a winner—each shot captures an essence of powerful, emotive sports photography—but my winner, after much deliberation, is “Angliru” by Alvaro Campo.

Angliru by Alvaro Campo on

Along with many other attributes, this photo captures the overriding emotion of joy: the joy of achievement, the joy of competing. It’s a very special moment, not only for the athlete, but also for the spectators. It shows the connection and joy shared with them. So in this respect, it also captures why those who love sports do so. Perhaps it’s our admiration for the dedication and sacrifice each athlete applies to reach the summit of their sport. I think this shots eludes to what’s possible when we push through our own limitations, and for all these reasons this one is my winner. Congratulations, Alvaro!

Get inspired by the gallery of runners-up:

Sports by Joseph Harrison on

Trail of Defenders by John  Davis on

Ultimate crowd by Andraž Kramberger on

velotrial at sunset with geometry by Den Doroshenko on

training in the rain by Maltan Anton on

Lisa by Sean Qin on

Chalking out a new route on nameless boulders in the Sierra Nevada foothills by Katherine Cart on

Oporto International NPK Karate Open 2017 by Hugo Moreira on

50 m haies by Jean-Paul Verjus on