The reviews are in: Canon 6D MII and Rebel SL2, the best smartphone photography gadgets, Kendrick Lamar’s new music video incporporates iconic civil rights photos… read about all this and more in our weekly roundup of photography news.

1. The reviews are in: Canon 6D MII and Rebel SL2

Canon just announced two new generations of its cameras, the 6D Mark II and the Rebel SL2. The 6D is the perfect choice for advanced amateur photographers, priced at USD$1,999 (Body Only). A comparison by The Phoblographer shows the key features of the new version, check it out here. The Rebel is better suited for beginners and is particularly attractive due to its lightweight and “Feature Assistant” interface, which suggests camera configurations to the user. The SL2 is priced at $549.99 (Body Only). Also take a look at a review of the cameras by Kai on the video below.

Source: Resource Mag

2. The best photography gadgets for your smartphone

Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, Pixel or any of the recently launched smartphones, you probably have a great camera on your device. With the help of a few accessories, it is possible to take your phone’s photos to the next level. Mahsable listed 5 key gadgets to help you take better photos, including lenses, tripods, stands and stabilizers. Read more here.

Spiral by Jordon Hon on

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3. Kendrick Lamar incorporates civil rights photography into his new video

Kendrick Lamar’s new video “ELEMENT.” features a series of powerful images depicting violence and mob mentality. The video features a series of references to Gordon Parks, an iconic civil rights activist and photographer. Parks is recognized for his vital importance in photojournalism and pioneering style and is often considered one of America’s most important photographers. Take a look at a list of the references present in the video at Dazed.

Source: Dazed Digital

4. Landscape photography with a large format camera

Photographer Thomas Heaton documents his journey learning to shoot with a large format camera. The UK-based photographer gives some insight on his passion for photography and his third attempt to master large format photography, which he describes as a “meditative sort of process”. Check out his 500px profile here.

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5. Celebrating imperfections through portrait photography

Portrait photographer Ciro Galluccio created images on a photo series that challenges beauty norms and celebrates the imperfections that make us unique. His thesis project “Defected” was inspired by his childhood memories and dreams. Read more on 500px ISO.

Oculus by Ciro Galluccio on

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