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Want to be featured on 500px ISO AND possibly win a quirky prize while you’re at it? Each week, we’ll announce a new photo challenge theme and give you a week to submit your entries. You may already have an existing photo that fits the theme, or you can take this as a challenge to shoot and upload a new photo.

Our favorite photos are displayed in a winners post (like this one), and the overall winner will receive that week’s prize and some serious bragging rights.

500px Awesome Subscription Giveaway Winner

In addition to the feature and the prize, every week we hold a random draw giveaway for all those who enter the contest. Anyone who enters will have the chance to win two months of free Awesome membership! This week’s lucky random winner is Manuel Manzanero. Congrats Manuel, we’ve just upgraded your account!

Festive Food Photography Contest Winner

Everybody knows the best part of the holidays isn’t the presents or the happiness or that silly “family togetherness” everybody keeps talking about. Nope… it’s the food. Lots and lots of food — often of the sugary variety.

Knowing this, we decided that our Weekly Contest theme over the Holidays would be Festive Food Photography, and boy did our users ever deliver! From Azerbaijani tea, to bokehlicious cupcakes, to a pair of strawberries with their Santa hats in place, the almost 100 entries made the job of choosing a winner incredibly difficult.

Before we tell you who the winner is, take a drool-y trip through our 18 favorite entries by scrolling down:

As amazing as all these photos were — and you can see many more in the contest gallery here — it’s not a contest without a winner. Somebody had to win the PhotoPhreezePhun camera-themed ice cube trays, and that winner is…

Drum Roll Please…

Sasha L’Estrange-Bell of The Bell Sisters!

It was a tight race, so tight our new editor (yours truly) has decided to send an ice cube tray to runner up Tetyana Kovyrina for her incredibly creative Santa Berries photo… my personal favorite.

Congratulations to the winners! And thank you to everybody who participated… this was a truly impressive group of entries.

To see the rest of the images submitted for the Festive Foot Photo contest, browse all the entries by clicking here. And if you didn’t win this week, don’t fret! On Wednesday we’ll announce the theme for this week’s contest and the shenanigans will start all over again, so stay tuned and drop any contest theme suggestions in the comments down below!