Thank you for being patient with this new installment of our Weekly Contest series, folks! This week, we’ll announce a new photo theme to challenge you to get out and shoot. You’ll have until August 24th, Sunday to submit your photo as an entry. You may already have an existing photo that fits the theme, or you can take this as a challenge to shoot and upload a brand new photo. If we like your photo, you’ll be featured here on 500px ISO!

Bokeh Theme Winners
Last time, we asked you to submit your best Bokeh shots. We’ve gotten more than 800 entries! Thanks to everyone who got creative, and tagged their entries! From florals to cityscapes, below are the 500px team’s 33 favorite Bokeh shots. Did yours make it? Scroll down!

The Bokeh submissions gallery can be found here.

AWESOME Account Lucky Draw Winner
As usual, we held a random draw giveaway for all those who enter the challenge. Anyone who enters the contest will have the chance to win two months of Awesome membership. This week’s lucky winner is Brian Kippe! Congrats, Brian, we have upgraded your account to an Awesome membership!

Next Week’s Theme: Golden Hour
1. Select a photo that fits this theme. Upload the image to your 500px profile, or pick an existing photo.
2. Add the tag 500pxGoldenHour.
3. You’re done! To track all entries, click here.

From portraits to landscapes, we’re curious to see how and what you shoot during Golden Hour, also known as “magic hour”. Golden hour is the period of time right after sunrise or before sunset when the light is much softer and appears red. So grab your gear, start shooting during sunrise and sunset, and tagging now! Deadline is August 24th at 11:59PM U.S. Pacific Time.

We can’t wait to see this gallery turn gold. Good luck, everyone!