Hi, I’m Evgeny Tchebotarev, co-founder and Chief Photography Officer of 500px, and co-host of 500px Portfolio Reviews. Want a free review of your 500px portfolio from an industry expert, or get insights into what makes a photo click with commercial buyers and editors? Then tune in to 500px Portfolio Reviews, our new video series on the 500px channel, where we critique selected photos on 500px. It’s a great way to get tips on improving your work, and sell more photos commercially.

This is a new series that I hope will help photographers be more open to critique, and will help them build the skills through learning what it takes to create a great shot. I think the key here is that everyone can learn through portfolio reviews, not just the photographer whose work is being reviewed.

A great portfolio is the one that inspires. However, for photographers aiming to get clients, a great portfolio has to be consistent—similar style, quality, format. So that when a client—for example, an art director of an agency or a brand—hires a photographer, he or she knows what to expect. With that in mind, a portfolio could just have good solid photos, but being consistent is often better than having an amazing collection of photos that are very different in style. Personally and professionally, I also love to see portfolios that explore one idea very deeply, so that a photographer becomes an expert in his or her own unique style.

In this first episode, I joined 500px Prime Director of Content Nuno Silva to review 6 500px photographers’ works:
Lukasz Golanski
Renato Muskardin
Lisa Holloway
JulienT Photography
Kristjan Järv
Balázs Töro

Press play to watch and see what we have to say—straight from the 500px HQ:

Want to see more? Take a look at the schedule below to see what we have in store for you:
>> Episode 2 with Michael Woloszynowicz – 8/20 Wednesday
>> Episode 3 with Benjamin Von Wong – 8/25 Monday

Want to get your work reviewed and featured in 500px Portfolio Reviews? We’re about to film Episode #4 with commercial photographer Max Riche who did a campaign for Red Bull.

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