Adobe has made some seriously awesome moves with the new Lightroom CC, and not just by adding that super-useful Dehaze tool we’ve featured not once, but twice already. Another place where Adobe has made serious improvements is with automatic panorama stitching, as renowned photographer and 500pxer Michael Shainblum found out a few days ago.

He’s been testing out the new feature lately, and after seeing just how powerful it was, he put together the video below to show just how much better it is than traditional Panorama stitching in Photoshop.

Check it out for yourself and we’ll see you on the other side:

As you can see, the comparison between Lightroom CC and Photoshop is… well… embarrassing. Even with a simple 2-photo stitch, Lightroom fixes the horizon and adjusts perspective beautifully without Michael having to do a thing… Photoshop, not so much.

Of course the automated stitching isn’t infallible, but it looks to be LOADS better than what Photoshop was doing before.

To see more tutorials and videos from Michael, check out his YouTube channel. And if you’d like to browse through his amazing photo portfolio, go ahead and give him a follow on 500px.