Adobe Photoshop recently turned 25 years old, and everybody seems to be celebrating in one form or another. For our part, we shared a fascinating set of photos with you that showed the Photoshop team at work in the early 1990s. But fun as that post was, we have to admit, the folks at CreativeLive have us beat.

In a video released earlier today, the CreativeLive team asked 8 of the best Photoshop experts and instructors out there to flex their photo editing muscles… in Photoshop 1.0.

The resulting video is downright hilarious for us photo nerds as we watch masters of their craft like Phlearn’s Aaron Nace and onOne’s Matt Kloskowski struggle to perform the most rudimentary of photo editing tasks:

Be sure to watch it to the very end to see the results of all their fiddling around… Our personal favorite is the expertly-crafted composite photo created by 500px Guest Editor Matt Kloskowski 😉

Then, when you’re done watching this, check out this collection of 35 Incredible Photoshop Creations and imagine trying to do make these in Photoshop 1.0!