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Photoshop turned 25 years old yesterday… 25 years old! That’s 25 years of photo manipulation. 25 year of digital art. 25 years of leaps and bounds in the world of digital imagery that nobody could have imagined in 1990 when Adobe bought Thomas Knoll’s program “Display” and released it as the now-famous Photoshop.

To celebrate, Adobe has released a slew of images that give us a peek at Photoshop’s history. From 12 images of the product team at work in the early 90s, to Photoshop Icons, Boxshots, Toolbars, and Splash Screens through the years.

We’ve put them all together in one post for you to oogle, laugh at, get nostalgic about, and otherwise enjoy.

12 Photos of Photoshop In Its Infancy

Photo Credit: Photos by Doug Menuez/Stanford University Libraries/Contour by Getty, used courtesy of Adobe.

Russell Brown, Adobe creative director, and attendees of Adobe's 1990 Photoshop Invitational, 1990

Adobe Creative Director Russell Brown (left, seated) with artists Nicholas Callaway (center, seated) and David Hockney (right, standing) and other colleagues at Adobe's Art Directors Invitational, 1990

Steven Guttman, Adobe's product marketing manager for Photoshop, August 1991

Adobe Creative Director Russell Brown, 1989



Adobe, 1991


At the 1990 Adobe Photoshop Invitational, members of Adobe's creative team (back row, from left)_ Min Wang and Russell Brown along with an unidentified artist, 1990


Russell Brown, Adobe Creative Director, March 1991


25 Years of Photoshop Icons, Boxshots, Toolbars, and Splashscreens

As you might imagine, Photoshop has changed a lot over the course of 25 years, and nowhere is that more visible than in the imagery included with every single release. From the icons to the splash screens, Adobe has compiled all of them for this nostalgic look back at Potoshop’s history:

Photoshop Icons Through the Years

Photoshop Box Shots Through the Years

Photoshop Toolbars Through the Years_Version B

Photoshop Splash Screens Through the Years

Bonus: Photoshop Industry Timeline

Finally, as a little bonus, Adobe also created a “Fun Industry Timeline” for you to look over. You know that Photoshop 1.0 was released in 1990, but do you know when the first Windows version was released? How about the first year Shadows, Highlights, and Lens Blur were added?

Now you know:

Photoshop 25th Anniversary Timeline

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