In case you missed the news, this week Leica broke into the rugged camera market with their new waterproof, heat proof, dust proof, and otherwise life proof camera, the Leica X-U. And one of the photographers who got a chance to play around with the solid shooter ahead of release was 500pxer and COOPH photographer Leo Rosas.

Rather than doing a boring review, Leo and COOPH put together a fun video that will teach you something as they put the camera through its tough-cam paces!

So if you want some cool ideas and tips for shooting with fire, water, ice, sparks, bubbles, and more, look no further. As they put it in the video description:

Whether it’s fire, wind, powder, ice, sparks… Adding elements to your shoot can elevate your photographs to the next level!

The final shots, especially given how little set up or straight technical prowess they take, turned out pretty great. Here are our favorites: