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This week we are excited to introduce you to, thezoekid1 .

Zoe Osborne is a spatial designer from Barbados. She is a graduate of the School of Interior Design in Toronto and creates physical and 3-dimensional spaces. Her work has a focus on Caribbean symbolism and narratives with an exploration in homesickness in the Caribbean Diaspora. Zoe, who uses the artist name Thezoekid1, has showcased digital animations in Barbados, Dubai, Miami, Toronto and NYC for exhibitions curated by different institutions.

Get to Know the Creator and the NFT Space

How did you get your start in interior design and how did you realize it would translate so well in the NFT space?

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new space was to analyze how the layout, light, and materials influenced my emotions. Interior Design has been a medium where I can explore this further and create spaces where people have positive interactions. When I first created a digital space I saw how I could use technology to push the boundaries of the spaces I created. When people saw the digital spaces I created they encouraged me to create some as NFTs. It was a transition that just kind of made sense because the works I made already existed in the digital realm.

Why did you choose to specialize your work on representing the Caribbean diaspora?

As a Barbadian living in Toronto, I have increasingly felt this desire to reconnect with home and with the memory of home from my childhood. My work comes from this nostalgia and with each piece I create I use it as an opportunity to explore the elements of home that I crave. The context of my work just comes naturally.

Your work focuses heavily on the idea of homesickness but represents it in a positive and beautiful nature. Where do you draw inspiration for this style?

When challenging myself to create my first NFT I closed my eyes and imagined where I wanted to be. Being homesick I tend to have a lot of dreams of home and I wanted my work to reflect this dream state memory. I also looked to surrealism and drew inspiration from René Magritte.

What are you looking for in an NFT platform?

For me, the ideal platform has a homepage that shows a curation of artistic styles and expressions. I tend to use platforms that have intuitive navigation and showcase artwork that represents the community.

The NFT space is all about being unique, how do you leverage your work to stand out?

I focus on creating work based on a story that I wish to tell. I try not to let trends and inspirations dictate my work. By creating work based on feelings and memories I am able to create unique works specific to my life experiences.

You have also worked really hard to create a sense of community with other NFT artists. What tips would you give to others to help them network in this space?

The NFT community is what inspires me to keep pushing. I have met very talented artists and had a lot of positive interactions. I would say to find artists that resonate with you, interact with them and find out about the stories behind their artwork. Genuine connections build genuine community.

Do you think NFTs are the future of digital art and collectibles?

NFTs have changed how artists and collectors view and interact with digital art. It’s hard to say what the future looks like with NFTs because they are tied to unpredictable cryptocurrencies but this approach to the monetization of nonfungible token art is the future.

How do you choose what to mint as an NFT from your portfolio?

I mint work if I think the piece successfully tells a story. I also get inspired by each platform’s focus and I use that to dictate what artwork I mint where.

In your opinion, what makes an NFT valuable?

Similarly to the physical artwork market, I focus on the story behind the NFT. I look at who the artist is and how their story inspires their artwork. I focus on the techniques used in their artworks and if they have been able to use their techniques to express themselves in a unique way.

Are there any exciting projects on the horizon you can share with the community?

I can’t give too many details as yet but I will be working on some projects this year where my work will be available in new digital and physical formats. 

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