At the end of every year, we do a “Best of *inset year here*” series, where we count down the Top 10 most popular photos in every single category on 500px. From Urban Exploration to Nature; from Underwater to Food; from Performing Arts to the City and Architecture category. These are some of the community’s favorite posts, raising the bar as they point out the best of the best (or at the least most popular…) images shared on 500px from the past year. But why wait for December to check in with the categories? Let’s see how the community is doing now that we’re a few months into 2016 and really rolling.

Scroll down to peep the 20 most popular black and white photos shared on 500px this year so far!

20. Summer 2016 by Niki Boon

Summer 2016 by 500px on 500px

19. Hiking Adventures On Mont Blanc by Ola Cedell

Hiking Adventures on Mont Blanc by 500px on 500px

18. Etude by Kristina Kazarina

Etude by 500px on 500px

17. Botswana Elephants by Leo Van Vuuren

Botswana Elephants by 500px on 500px

16. I Am What I Smoke by Vii Photography

I am what i smoke #1 by 500px on 500px

15. ?? by Lim Wei Chun

?? by 500px on 500px

14. Somewhere In Tokyo In Black And White by Takashi Yasui

Somewhere in Tokyo in Black and White by 500px on 500px

13. The Monastery by Panagiotis Laoudikos

The monastery by 500px on 500px

12. Birch by Martin Rak

Birch by 500px on 500px

11. Dasha by Georgy Chernyadyev

Dasha by 500px on 500px

10. Turning Left Wasn’t Right by Lars Van De Goor

Turning Left wasn't Right by 500px on 500px

9. Eagle by Joachim Bergauer

***Eagle*** by 500px on 500px

8. Catedral Tui by Alex Eugenio

Catedral Tui by 500px on 500px

7. Meditation by Vulture Labs

Meditation by 500px on 500px

6. Farm Winter by Ivan Huang

Farm Winter by 500px on 500px

5. Lineage by Sean Bagshaw

Lineage by 500px on 500px

4. Sturdy Though Not Considered by Id S

sturdy though not considered by 500px on 500px

3. Black And White by Ryuichi Noguchi

Black and White.  by 500px on 500px

2. Solid Air II by Alister Benn

Solid Air II by 500px on 500px

1. November Fog by Kai Ziehl

november fog by 500px on 500px

Be sure to keep visiting ISO over the next couple of weeks as we continue checking in with some of our favorite categories, sharing the most popular images uploaded so far in 2016.

If you have a favorite black and white photo uploaded this year that you think deserved a spot in the Top 20, drop us a link in the comments! And don’t forget to say hello and let us know what you think of each list as it goes live.