It’s that time of year again! As we bid farewell to 2015 and welcome in 2016 with open arms, we’re taking a fond look back at the most popular images shared on 500px this past year.

There are only two rules:

1. The photos must have been uploaded to 500px (not necessarily taken) in 2015.

2. No photographer may appear more than once on any list, so everybody gets a chance to be featured.

It’s time for the tastiest installment of the Best of 2015 series. Sure, majestic photos of animals or stunning portraits are pretty to look at, but there’s only one Best of 2015 list that literally looks good enough to eat.

Join us as we count down the Top 10 Food photos of 2015 on 500px:

10. Spinach, Mushrooms and Egg Brunch by George Crudo

Spinach, Mushrooms and Egg Brunch by George Crudo on

9. Chanterelles by Paivi Vikstrom

Chanterelles by Päivi Vikström on

8. Phases of Chocolate by Dina Belenko

Phases of chocolate by Dina Belenko on

7. Mushroom by Patrizia Miceli

Mushroom by Patrizia Miceli on

6. Roasting by Martin Cauchon

Roasting by Martin Cauchon on

5. Green Sphere by PEC GG Photography

??? by  PEC GG Photography on

4. Autumn Table by Miki Fujii

autumn table. by Miki Fujii on

3. Red cubed 5 by Sarah Saratonina

Red cubed 5 by Sarah Saratonina on

2. Vegetable in Wooden Plate by Jelena Jovanovic

Vegetable in wooden plate by jelena jovanovic on

1. Vegetables by Raquel Carmona

Vegetables by Raquel Carmona Romero on

Let us know what you think of this Top 10 in the comments. And if you have a favorite food photo that you think should have made this year’s Top 10, share it with us down below!