Here’s a look at the top 10 photos we loved most that were uploaded to 500px this week, curated by our 500px photo editors. Read on to find out why these stunning shots caught our eye.

The Fifth Kind. by Chun Chau on

What our photo editors loved: “We were struck by the interaction between human and sea life in this underwater shot. The sharpness of the image lends it a visceral nature: we can almost feel her chill from the goosebumps on her arms as well as the texture of the creature in her hand.”

Riding Sun Rays by Jason  Hummel on

What our photo editors loved: “The skier is frozen at just the right moment in this great action shot, set in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. As photographer Jason Hummel writes, ‘With an atmospheric river passing through the PNW, all I can do is dream about better days. Usually they start somewhat like this image and end with a beer and a smile.'”

Akita by Luis Valadares on

What our photo editors loved: “This fuzzy pup stole our hearts immediately, but don’t get us wrong: this image can also hold its own technically. The simple composition, warm golden hour light and shallow depth of field make this image a standout.”

BB by Maria Svarbova on

What our photo editors loved: “Photographer Maria Svarbova has a knack for unique styling and quirky locations, and this shot is no exception. We love the pops of yellow, gold and blue, and the ambience created by the natural window light.”

in the center of the universe by Vangelis  Mc Ris on

What our photo editors loved: “An example of what can be created when minimalist forms are united with expert processing. The results? As the photographer’s profile says, ‘even the simplest objects exude beauty.'”

untitled by Patric Shaw on

What our photo editors loved: “The tight framing and off-centre composition of this beauty shot make it interesting, and the purposefully ‘undone’ look of the model is refreshing.”

Roasted sweet potatoes by Claudia Totir on

What our photo editors loved: “A mouthwatering dish combined with simple styling makes this a winner.”

Waterfall of Dreams - Color Adjustments by Victor Lima on

What our photo editors loved: “This is an epic long exposure night shot, with the perfect combination of the stunning waterfall in the foreground and brilliant starry sky in the background.”

Light Up by Claudio De Sat on

What our photo editors loved: “Kudos to this photographer for skillfully harnessing the ambient light of a match to create a mysterious and moody portrait.”

Autumn Light by Alexander Riek on

What our photo editors loved: “The composition and lighting in this image are top notch, and we like the way the forest frames the cluster of uniform homes in the centre. The small bursts of color created by the light hitting the red-leafed trees add interest.”