If the weather reports are accurate, New York City is about to get pummeled by one of the biggest blizzards in the city’s history. The first flakes of what is being dubbed the #blizzardof2015 are just now beginning to settle as the city and its residents hunker down in preparation for a snow storm of epic proportions.

So, in anticipation of one of the largest winter storms the Big Apple has ever seen — and as photographers like Vivienne Gucwa prepare to brave the elements with camera in hand to capture incredible images of the city engulfed in snow — we’ve compiled 21 of the best NYC Blizzard picks on 500px into a collection for you.

Enjoy the winter not-always-so-wonderland photos, and if you’re in New York City: bundle up, prepare for a couple of very intense days, and stay safe!

To see more epic photos of blizzards, in NYC and otherwise, click here. And if you’re taking proper precautions and going out into the storm to take pictures like Vivienne and NYC photographer Anthony Quintano, be sure to tag your images with the hashtag #blizzardof2015 so we can find them and post them in a roundup later this week.