At the end of each year we do a “Best of *inset year here*” series, in which we count down the top 10 most popular photos in every single category. From Nature to Street; from Portraits to Still Life; from Travel to, yes, even the Nude category.

These are some of the community’s favorite posts, raising the bar as they point out the best of the best (or at the least most popular…) images shared on 500px from the past year. But why wait for December to check in with the categories? Let’s see how the community is doing now that we’re a few months into 2016 and really rolling.

Below are the 20 most popular “Street” photos shared on 500px this year so far:

20. Play the Game by George Becker

Play the Game by George Becker on

19. Light and Dark by Gianstefano Fontana

Light and dark by Gianstefano Fontana ( travels )  on

18. Tokyo Streets by Carmine Chiriaco

Tokyo streets! by Carmine Chiriacò on

17. Superkilen by Eric Dufour

Superkilen by Eric Dufour on

16. Last day of 2015 by Atilla Ozturk

"Last day of 2015" ... "2015 in son günü" by Atilla Öztürk on

15. Blue Umbrella by Tony Goran

Blue umbrella by Tony Goran on

14. Lines by Georgie Pauwels

Lines by Georgie Pauwels on

13. Morning Sunlight by Junichi Hakoyama

Morning sunlight by Junichi Hakoyama on

12. Untitled by Luis PGoncalves

##### by Luis PGoncalves on

11. Where the Time Stands Still by Roberto Pazzi Photography

Where the Time Stands Still... by Roberto Pazzi Photography on

10. End of West by Mr. Friks

END OF WEST by Mr Friks  on

9. Cutting Light by Moises Rodriguez

Cutting light by Moisés Rodríguez on

8. 7208 by Michael Salisbury

7208 by Michael Salisbury on

7. Balade Urbaine by MattCphotos

Balade Urbaine by MattCphotos  on

6. An old woman by Takashi Yasui

An old woman by Takashi Yasui on

5. Into the Light by Alexandre Lachausse

Into the Light by Alexandre Lachausse on

4. Untitled by Smurk

Untitled by Smurk  on

3. 7:35am by Takeshi Ishizaki

______7:35 am...______ by Takeshi Ishizaki on

2. Core by snappedbycam

Core by snappedbycam on

1. Please wait by Masayoshi Naito

Please wait by Masayoshi Naito on

Be sure to keep visiting ISO over the next couple of weeks as we continue checking in with some of our favorite categories, sharing the most popular images uploaded so far in 2016.

If you have a favorite uploaded this year that you think deserved a spot in the top 21, drop us a link in the comments! And don’t forget to say hello and let us know what you think of each list as it goes live.