Your stand-out images might be all it takes for you to win $2000 US, earn the title of 500px photographer of the year and so much more! Our annual photography awards are now open for submissions and we’re looking for the best of the best.

This year’s 500px Global Photography Awards has upped the ant; increasing our category options that you can submit to and offering even more prizes.

How to Enter

Review the 6 categories that you can enter (at no charge to you) for this year’s awards. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with what our editors will be looking for revisit your archive of images taken in 2022 and cull them with intentionality. You can submit images that you’ve uploaded to the 500px site since January 2022 or upload new work to your profile and submit them. 

When choosing what to submit try and be unique and submit those eye-catching images that can’t be missed by our team of editors.

The Prizes

  • All category winners will receive a cash prize of $2000 US
  • Category winners will receive a one-year 500px Pro Account
  • All category winners (6) and finalists (30) will receive a beautiful hard-cover collectible copy of the 500px Global Photography Awards Photobook printed by Pikto that will include their photo and name.

Why Submit?

These awards were launched to continue our mission to support creative talent and inspire photographers around the world. Our editors meticulously review all submissions and work hard to increase the visibility of images that demonstrate technical excellence and creativity. 

Giving yourself certain creative restrictions or looking through your photography archives with specific requirements can push you to create/find some of your best work.

The Categories

Submit your images that consider lines, texture, color, size and depth and result in a high-quality depiction of the subject.

Let’s get technical. That means sharp and in-focus, intentional manipulation of textures, and spacing of subjects. When done well these images often feel easy but they are the furthest thing from. Successfully achieving a technically perfect image means mastering light, shapes, and more.


Submit your images that create an arch that makes viewers wonder what came before and what will come next.

When it comes to storytelling a common mistake is to overcomplicate the elements within the frame. However, this isn’t necessary, what will make it a stand-out image is that the narrative is clearly communicated and drives the audience to want to know more.


Submit your images taken with the intention to sell, advertise or market a business, a  product, a service, a person, or persons.

Commercial content allows brands and small businesses to connect with their audience and is relatable and authentic when done successfully. Images that will stand out feel genuine and are able to resonate with viewers as they see themselves reflected in some way.


Submit your images that chronicle the world around us in a realistic and honest manner.

Documentarians help shape history. They tell the story of the underdog or the hidden narratives, they expose rich cultures and help awaken society to necessary change. The moment documented can be a moment that can be interpreted as simple but through the lens it becomes complex.


Submit your images created as a means of expression, with an undeniable imaginative and aesthetic quality to them.

Fine art photography doesn’t hold you back, it’s expressive and full of creative spins on the world around us. Whether by using props or post-production manipulation of colors, grain, or more. Imagination is a strong weapon and delivers striking imagery.


Submit your images that capture the spaces within the world, both vast and untouched terrains or environments.

Landscape photography is one of the most diverse genres, there are a plethora of landscapes that can be captured and each location can be captured in intriguing ways depending on the time of day or vantage point. Nature is magnificent and cameras have a special way of articulating that.