Summer may be officially over, but indulging in warm, sunny photos is a timeless pick-me-up. Bask in these glowing submissions from the Summer Vibes Quest for a dose of sunshine at any time of year. Ready for a virtual break from the chill in the air?

Passionate photographers everywhere captured warm, sunny shots for the Quest, but the winning photo, “Chasing Waves” by Li Xu, transported you to the season and setting. Dive in to learn more below.

Chasing Waves by Li Xu on

What the judge loved about this photo: The photographer did a fantastic job at capturing this fun shot, they way she shot it horizontally makes your eyes go through all the subjects and back. It makes you feel like you are right there enjoying a fun summer day at the beach!

But that wasn’t the only photo to capture the mood-boosting spirit of sunshine.

Grab your sunglasses and check out the other finalists (or check them twice, if it’s rainy and cold outside):

Best 60th Birthday Gift by Martin Kulajta on

Laughter by B K on

Flying by André Erni on

Happy Life by Andrei Ionita on

Curves by Stan Icart on

Rainbow over the Tropical beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republi by Valentin Valkov on

Happiness by Syed Jafri on

Third half by Alexander Kaunas on

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