Each month, we highlight some of the best Licensing submissions in our 500px New in Licensing Gallery. In this series, we’ll delve into why these photos are in high demand and make for excellent Licensing content. As part of our ongoing commitment to educate and inform our 500px Licensing Contributors, we’ll feature new and relevant photos on a monthly basis to help inspire creativity and connect Contributors with the latest trends in the Licensing industry. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this month’s top 10 photos that are sure to captivate and inspire.

Laro Pilartes is a long-time 500px Licensing Contributor whose Portfolio illustrates various commercial themes and concepts that image buyers desire. We chose to showcase this image for its universal nature and technical skill.

1. We love that this image can be used by various content buyers. The photo could easily represent themes of health and wellness, fitness, freedom, determination, travel, and wanderlust.

2. We appreciate the balanced composition within the photo. We love the leading lines, the texture on the road, and how the subject is the focal point of the shot.

Contributor Matej Kastelic shot this precious moment of a mother and son. We love how clean the photo is and how the color palette between the models and the environment relates and creates a beautiful, cohesive scene.

1. We love the attention to detail. The model’s clothing brings focus to the foreground and background of the photo. The mother is wearing a neutral color that beautifully matches the foreground, it anchors the viewers’ eyes. While the baby, wearing blue, is lifted up in the sky and moves our attention to the top half of the photo, where we can appreciate the blue water and mountains.

2. We love how clean the photo is, the subjects are the focal point and the action within the frame is clear and articulated directly to the viewer.

This photo by Contributor Dmitrii Travnikov is being highlighted for various reasons.

1. First, we love how this photo represents themes of summer. Although it is fall in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the beginning of summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, photos that represent a variety of seasons are welcome all year round at 500px to suit the needs of brands and companies globally.

2. We love how this photo would be suitable for both print and social media use. The neutral colors with a pop of red make it easy to incorporate into design work and the white background could easily incorporate copy space.

We adore this photo from Licensing Contributor Dragos Condrea. It is a stunning example of how to capture themes of shopping and retail from the customer POV in an interesting and visually appealing way. Something that is not that easy to do.

1. We love that Dragos made sure all recognizable elements of the scene were blurred and/or removed to avoid copyright issues. They did this while still keeping the authenticity of the retail environment.

2. We love how real and authentic this shopping experience feels. The models used represent an everyday customer experience. An extra shoutout to Dragos, who titled and keyworded this photo with detailed descriptions to help his content surface in front of buyers.

We chose to highlight this photo from Victor Emanuel de Coen for its technical skill and story that it shares with the viewer.

1. We love how clear and crisp the photo is. It captures the viewer’s attention and draws them into the finer details and textures.

2. We love how this image portrays an action and tells a story of the puffin gathering food. It allows the viewer to relate to the image more. This photo can easily represent concepts of providing for one’s family, responsibility, or caregiving.

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