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Happy Friday! This week, our tour around the globe starts just south of my home in Northern California, where Casey McCallister captured the Milky Way rising over one of the most unique rock formations in the west coast of the United States.

After stops in Hungary, Thailand, China, Ireland and India, we round up this week’s trip right back in the United States with another incredible Milky Way photo from the landscape photographer’s dreamland of Utah.

Keep the incredible travel photos coming 500pxers!

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Shark Fin Cove, California

By Casey McCallister

Palouse, Washington

By Jordan Ek

Out To Sea

By Tomapaul

Budapest, Hungary

By Csilla Zelko

Mathura, India

By Vichaya Pop

Mekong River, Thailand

By Somchai Sanvongchaiya

Giants Causeway, Ireland

By Declan Keane

TuoJiang River, China

By Tony Yang

Hong Kong

By Peter Stewart


By Wayne Pinkston