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This week, Lonely Planet released their long awaited list of Ten Countries to Visit in 2016, and I scoured 500px looking at some incredible photos from the 10 countries named. Give it a read on Resource Travel!

It’s easy to say that my bucket list got substantially larger this week. And as always, putting together this weekly selection of my favorite travel photos from 500px didn’t help. But, my favorite photo, hands down, is the Skeleton Coast, Namibia aerial photo from Jimbos Padros.

I spent 5 weeks road-tripping through Namibia, and I wrote a photographer’s travel guide detailing what to see in this incredible country. Part of me didn’t want to write the guide, because I kind of want to keep it all to myself. But, being a travel editor, I have to share the world’s best kept secrets, and Namibia is very high on that list.

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Skeleton Coast, Namibia

By Jimbos Padrós

The Skeleton Coast by Jimbos Padrós on 500px.com

Mount Assiniboine, British Columbia/Alberta, Canada

By Daniel Kordan

Sunburst by Daniel Kordan on 500px.com

Chiang Mai, Thailand

By Krunja

Yi Peng festival by Krunja :) on 500px.com

Lisbon, Portugal

By Paulo Costa

Sunrise over the Park by Paulo Costa on 500px.com


By Libor Plo?ek

CHUI 7 by Libor Plo?ek on 500px.com

Dellach, Austria

By Gerald Köstl

Foggy Winter Sunset by Gerald Köstl on 500px.com

Toronto, Canada

By Brandon Newfield

Foggy Look-up by Brandon Newfield on 500px.com


By Max Rive

Lightshow by Max Rive on 500px.com

Tuscany, Italy

By Evgeny Tchebotarev

Leaving me breathless by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px.com

Si Racha, Thailand

By Sixtysix Visual

UA7C1249.jpg by Sixtysix Visual on 500px.com