Shield your eyes if you can’t handle cuteness: We’ve got a fresh gallery of pets in sunglasses to celebrate the return of sunshine. Soak up some vitamin D by association with these sunny pet photos, and share your own with us in the comments!

Crazy Lover by Chandan Karwat on

Pram with dogs wearing sunglasses by Andreas Altenburger on

tumblr noovngHjurhxo by turkesh dmiral on

Dog and Orange by Gael The Bulldog on

NYC COOL cat by Andrei Black on

Next Top Dog Model by Raymond Dabu on

Sofa Queen by Mark Bradley on

Guinea pig by Rie Adelsten on

Summer by ? ? on

Elvis Impersonator  by James S on

Brothers sunglasses by ??Easton  on

slurp by Lily  on

Ready to Ride by Kevin Trotman on

mammoth cat by Diogo Dias on

Risky Business by Elke Vogelsang on

Swimming with my shades on! by Cheley Blucher on

Beach bum by carrianne P on

Who is the boss? by Robert Jarosi on

Untitled by Jenny Ik on

The Biker by Will Rodrigues on

Dachshund dog with sunglasses and flowers on her head by Eduardo Lopez on

Wagner  by AndresHBarrueco on

Colour blocking  by Jasmin No on

cool dog by fam adl on

Party Rock! by The 3 bulldogs  on

Untitled by Danielle Kilgore on

Teddy's having a rest by Markus Erne on

JK, that one’s a teddy bear. Just making sure you were paying attention!

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