Earth Hour is much more than just turning out the lights—it’s a symbol of commitment to the environment, biodiversity, and protecting the health of our planet. Get inspired for Earth Hour 2018 with this collection, curated by 500px Photo Editors, and share your favorite Earth-Hour-inspired photos in the comments below.

group hug by Denise Kwong on

feels good to be lost in the right direction by Anthony Sotomayor on

In the darkness by Chris Schmid on

The Green Thames by Giuseppe Torre on

Special Evening by Igor Bondarets on

NYC's Queensboro Bridge by Raymond Haddad on

Asian monks lighting candles in temple by Gable Denims on

Cabin on the lake by Hayden Scott on

African sky by Julia Wimmerlin on

At the edge of the world by Marco Grassi on

Lucky lanterns by Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa on

silver creek winter by Sam Brockway on

Bridge Crossings by Hayden Scott on

Chasing curves by Keith Mokris on

Full of love by Ruslan Grigoriev on

Praying on the river by Pham Ty on

Wind turbines by Julia Wimmerlin on

"Golden Hour" by Chun Chau on

Wintry Sunrise by Stacy White on

Lanterns by Sreekumar Mahadevan Pillai on

By the fire by Bridget Rule on

Elegant yet majestic. by Chun Chau on

Before the storm by Chris Schmid on

Celebrating History by Brandon Donnelly on

We're not alone by Diaa Arfan on