Originally published: Oct. 12, 2017; re-published Apr. 22, 2019

It’s easy to understand why we should fight for the environment, but tough to visualize it. The 500px community rose to the challenge for the Earth Hour Quest, capturing the spirit of the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment.

Passionate photographers everywhere were asked to submit photos that showcased positive action in the fight against climate change, or that highlighted the remarkable moments the Earth Hour campaign aims to facilitate.

The winning photo managed to convey a deeper message with a subtle take on shadow. “Shadow Mans…” by Yashansh Vijay will be licensed and featured by Earth Hour. Learn more about the shot:

Shadow Mans...  by Yashansh Vijay on 500px.com

Why the judge loved this photo: It is not easy to make changing climate change relatable to people or their interests, but this image by Yashansh Vijay is a powerful depiction of the impact our actions can have. The play on shadows is a compelling reminder of the role we all have to play, both in causing climate change and solving it for us and future generations. Step forward to #changeclimatechange today.

The photographer, Yashansh Vijay, took up nature photography as a child, and started shooting regularly “because it makes me feel the moment, and also gives me a good vision and perspective to see this beautiful world.”

Vijay shared the story behind the photo: I took that photograph at Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur, Rajasthan. When I saw some youngsters in uniform and good natural light, I captured their shadows as leading lines. This shot inspires me because they look like an army protecting a palace.”

Check out the submissions from our runners-up for more inspiration:

Mother and child walk the rice terraces. by Jakkree Thampitakkul on 500px.com

African sky by Julia Wimmerlin on 500px.com

Wind turbines by Julia Wimmerlin on 500px.com

Spring has arrived by Valeria Paulina Lustres on 500px.com

Handful of strawberries by Vladislav Nosick on 500px.com

Green is Beautiful by Peng Shi on 500px.com

Human vs Nature https://500px.com/photo/204416621 by Koukichi Takahashi on 500px.com

Trashumancia... by Jose luis  Serrano Ariza on 500px.com

That Wanaka Tree | New Zealand by Lee Mumford on 500px.com

Good Morning by Rudi Zisterer on 500px.com

Time is running out by Francesco Cimato on 500px.com

SHEEP~~SHEEEP~SHEEEEP~~ by Easjohn on 500px.com

YOung sprout by Alexandra P. on 500px.com

Bali Rice Field by Jarek A on 500px.com

Singapore Earth Hour 2017 by Pichan Cruz on 500px.com

Earth Hour London 2017 by James Barton on 500px.com

Young sprouts pepper and garden tools with drip irrigation by Victoria Kondysenko on 500px.com

Farmers plant rice in rice field by Nicolas Boivin on 500px.com

Let's light by Ivon Murugesan on 500px.com

Paysages de Bourgogne (2) by Florentin  Gagoum on 500px.com