Call it cliché if you must, but the meta “picture in picture” shot through an iPhone, instant photo, or the viewfinder of another camera is a fun staple in the world of photography that can be used in awesome and creative ways.

When the shot is composed well and the right scene is selected, these images can be quite beautiful, offering a bit of distance between the viewer and the image—suddenly they feel not like a viewer, but the photographer. This type of photo, more than most, creates an implicit connection between the photographer and her viewer.

The collection below showcases some of our favorite 500px shots in this genre. From polaroids, to smartphones, to hip level viewfinders, to one multi-talented photographer who actually drew the missing part of the scene, we hope this series inspires you to go out and get creative this week.

everyone does it. by Miki Fujii on

Selfie of foot and legs with black derby shoes seen from above with hand holding an instant photo fr by Delphimages on

momenti da immortalare by Andrea Salemi on

546A9003.jpg by Alvin Ng on

Look Closer by Isaac Gautschi on

Autumn by Sowee  on

Golden Hour Instax by Simon Alexander on

Stairs by Mael Pavageau on

The feel of medium format. by Kevin Kinghorn on

Untitled by Ryan Millier on

Unfold by Nitish Kumar Meena on

Hand making shot on mobile phone: rustic homemade pizza with figs, prosciutto and mozzarella cheese, by Anna Ivanova on

iPhoneography by Connor Hicks on

2nd shot by Selim  on

Maria. by Maxim Efimov on

Stegastein viewpoint - Aurland Fjord by Daniel Jensen on

Paradise by Ryan Millier on

Different Perspective by Nick  on

Inner Vision by Petricor_Photography on

Woman taking photos with vintage camera by Javier Pardina on

Tokyo is always on my mind. by Kaitaro Kobayashi on

To see more pictures in pictures, check out the awesome “Pictures Inside Out” gallery by 500px Content Editor Natta Summerky that inspired this ISO collection—46 photos that might just get you to cast off your inhibitions and try one of these “cliché” shots yourself.

And, of course, if you have a great photo like this yourself, upload it to 500px and share it in the comments down below!