Photography news in the headlines this week: the response to Yashica’s hyped new camera, getting out of your head and the photography project empowering homeless people. Read on and share your thoughts on the topics trending in the photography community this week.

1. Is Yashica’s new digiFilm camera ‘unprecedented’ or gimmicky?

There was a lot of hype leading up to Yashica’s release of its digiFilm camera this week on Kickstarter, with the company promising something “unprecedented.” The final product operates with film rolls that control its settings, has no review screen and requires you to “wind” it between shots, among other quirks.

People had a lot of feelings about it, ranging from confusion to eye-rolling, with engadget calling it “the silliest analog camera gimmick yet” that combines “the worst parts of both film and digital cameras.” But it’s already surpassed its fundraising goal, with more than HK$7 million at last count.

So, as with everyone else on the Internet: tell us how you really feel! Weigh in with your thoughts about the much-hyped digiFilm camera in the comments.

2. Getting out of your head with street photography

Pittsburgh photographer Tom Souzer spoke to The Phoblographer about his street photography and how it can be a “relaxing,” meditative process: “It’s almost like I can step out of my head while I’m out wandering the streets.”

Check out Tom’s work on 500px below and share why you shoot in the comments! Plus, learn more about street photography with this street silhouette tutorial.

So I Creep. by Tom Souzer on

Liberty Avenue | Pittsburgh by Tom Souzer on

Wood Street | Pittsburgh by Tom Souzer on

Source: The Phoblographer

3. Why we need to fight for the environment, in 21 photos

A new gallery on the 500px Blog featuring the winner and finalists of the Earth Hour Quest showcases the spirit of the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment. From takes on lush landscapes to snapshots of positive environmental action, these photos will awaken your inner tree-hugger.

Ready for a challenge? Awaken your creativity on our Quests page.

Shadow Mans...  by Yashansh Vijay on

African sky by Julia Wimmerlin on

YOung sprout by Alexandra P. on

4. From camper van to portable camera on wheels

English artist Brendan Barry turned an old camper van into a “giant portable camera” that can snap black-and-white photos of subjects outside, then develop them in the darkroom inside.

Photographer Ian Ruhter (pictured below) did something similar with his “pinhole camera van” to capture the American landscape in 2012.

Portrait of an Artist as Art by Tim Peare on

But aside from mobility, one of Barry’s motivations seems to be to put his subjects at ease. Noted Resource, “the absence of a visible photographer eased the awkwardness of being in front of a camera and allowed the participants to relax and have fun with their poses.”

Source: ResourceMagOnline

5. Empowering homeless people through photography

The homeless population is often unseen — each year, a photography project in London flips that on its head, showcasing the city through the eyes of homeless people. London’s Café Art gives 100 one-time-use cameras to homeless citizens and asks them to “capture the city they love” as part of the MyLondon photography project, which started in 2013, and has inspired a spin-off in Toronto.

Of the 2,500 images the London project received and printed this year, 20 were selected for an exhibition now on display, and 13 were made into a calendar. The calendar is now on sale on Kickstarter, with proceeds benefitting the photographers.

“I think the calendar has empowered a lot of people,” one participant, Geraldine, told Metro UK. “For three years now I have seen a lot of people really change their lives.”

Read more of the calendar photographers’ stories and check out their photos here.

6. A reflector you can shoot through, for the ideal light and angle

The FJ Westcott Omega Reflector 360 has a space in the middle to allow you to shoot through it, while providing direct, bounced light for your subject. Photographer Jerry Ghionis tested it for Rangefinder and the difference in his shots will make you do a double-take.

Check out the review here and learn more about the reflector below.

7. Highlights from Editor’s Choice

Here’s a look at the photos we’re loving, curated by our Guest Editors, Antonett Ewan and Austin Neill, and 500px photo editors this week on Editors’ Choice.

A woman in sari watching the sunrise in Udaipur lake by Gil Kreslavsky on

Craig Whitehead by Sixstreetunder on

New Yorker by Chaokai Shen on

JMPJsph CrocsFX by Chris Minihane on

Lulu by Anna Madsen on

Walking on air by Benjamin Von Wong on

Climbing out by Rodrigo Kristensen on

Cigarette by the window by Edgaras Vaicikevicius on

Remontée d'une épave by Eric Volto on