The right light will make a photo sing, and achieving it can be as simple as enhancing a shot’s light in Photoshop. Good lighting is a solid foundation, but Photoshop can help you maximize it. With a few simple tricks, you can level up an otherwise-nice photo to a work that is otherworldly.

Robert Cornelius‘ dreamlike work is a testament to the power of light. A self-described “photo-manipulating wizard,” he’s earned the title. But there’s no need to take our word for it: Robert is sharing his knowledge in a new 500px Class, which will teach you how to create powerful light in your photography. From tips on lighting at the shooting stage to using Photoshop’s layer styles and more, Robert’s Class will show you how to achieve ethereal light with practical methods.

Check out a preview of the Class below, in which Robert delves into how he created glowing objects in one of his recent images (shown below) with Photoshop.

Hooked on light yet? Join Robert’s “How to Enhance Light in Photoshop” Class to learn more about how to learn more specifics of building light in post-production, including how to paint shadows and highlights, adding edge light and maximizing Photoshop’s default brush. Don’t miss your chance to ask Robert any questions in his live demonstration on Friday, October 13 at 2 PM EST.

The Fate Sisters by Robert Cornelius on

About Robert Cornelius
Robert Cornelius strives to create cinematic images that look as though they could be a freeze frame from an epic fantasy or science fiction film.