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How new TSA regulations impact photographers, astronomy photographer of the year finalists, photographers answer: does gear matter?… read about all this and more in our weekly roundup of photography news.

1. Flying in the USA is now even more complicated for photographers

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) just announced a few changes to its security checkpoints that could complicate photographers’ travels. From now on, passengers will be required to take out all electronic devices from their carry-on baggage. If you’re traveling with your gear bag, this would mean taking out all your cameras, lenses, flashes, monitors, and whatever else you might have. One way to bypass this regulation is by enrolling in TSA Pre-check, which might soon become a must-have for traveler photographers.

Gear by Danny Lopez on

Source: DPreview

2. Finalists announced for the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year selected

The list of Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year award finalists just came out, displaying amazing views of the Milky Way, the Northern Lights, and even flying asteroids. Check out the 500px profiles of Giorgia Hofer, Ruslan Merzlyakov, Joshua Wood, Haitong Yu, Nicolas Alexander Otto, and Nicholas Roemmelt, a few of the shortlist members. If you’re looking for more shots of the night skies, take a look at this astrophotography gallery on 500px ISO.

Mr. Big Dipper by Nicholas Roemmelt on

Salute to Orion by Haitong Yu on

Source: The Guardian Science

3. Photographers answer: Does gear matter?

Erik Wahlstrom asked Thomas Heaton, Christine Bartolucci, Alan Brock, Dan Bullman, and Ben Horne for their opinions on the question no photographer can answer definitively: Does gear matter? Though there was no consensus, most of them agree gear is only useful to an extent, and never substitutes a photographer’s creativity. Hear their full opinions in the video below.

Source: FStoppers

4. Lifestyle photography on the road

Katch Silva and Ben Sasso had two passions: photography and the outdoors. After a lot of reflection, they decided to end their apartment lease and live in a sprinter van, which they named “The Tardis.” The couple has been traveling and shooting beautiful scenarios ever since. Check out a few of their shots below.

Heck Yeah! by Ben Sasso on

Heck Yeah! by Ben Sasso on

Source: Range Finder

5. A landscape photographer’s bucket list

Marco Grassi is an Italian landscape photographer and 500px brand ambassador. Having travelled to various scenic locations, he shares his favourite spots for landscape photography. Read more on 500px ISO.

Italian dream by Marco Grassi on

Preparing for a cold night by Marco Grassi on

Source: ISO

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