The week has just begun and we already have a case of the “Mondays” at ISO. All we wanna do is cuddle up and go back to bed, but instead of snoozing the day away Kristen Dobbin, one of our 500px Photo Editors, curated a gallery of photos featuring animals in various states of sleep. Scroll down to see some of the cutest, cuddliest wildlife photography you’ll see all day, guaranteed.

Monday Morning! by Elmo Ensio on

In the shade of Buddha by Yann Lamy on

Polar Siesta by Robert Postma on

Happy Place by David Merron on

The Nap by Mario Moreno on

Tree Hugger! by Sandy Thompson on

Polar bear peacefully sleeping by Jean-Claude Sch. on

Dreaming... by ? Summer Time ? on

Afternoon Nap by Marsel van Oosten on

sleeping tigers by Byron Brake on

Bear Backpack by Kathleen Turner on

Sleeping  by Ingrid Belova on

French Bulldog-milk by Kai-Chieh Chan on

S i e s t a by Holger Ströder on

Just a Sleeping Monkey by Goran Petrov on

Chill Fox is Chillin' by Roeselien Raimond on

Sleeping Roo by MichaelBaynesPhotography on

Three Little Bears by Ursula Dubrick on

Koala bear by Richard Simmonds on

sleeping lemurs by martyn bennett on