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Today we want to share an emotional initiative by 500px photographer, Navid Baraty; a project he created to help New York City in its COVID-19 relief efforts. Navid is a freelance photographer currently based in Seattle, but spent many years prior in NYC pursuing his love for photography. His photography style? Capturing dramatic landscapes and cities from above.

When Navid reached out to us to share his project we were really drawn to the story, and once we saw the images we knew we had to share it with the community. Navid will be selling four limited-edition prints of incredible NYC images with the majority of the profits going to the NYC COVID-19 Relief Fund which provides support to a variety of vulnerable New Yorkers.

Tells us about this project

“New York City has given me so many images and opportunities over the years, so I wanted to do something to give back to the city in some way. It’s been heartbreaking to see how hard the city has been hit by the virus. A print drive was something that I could do right now and some way that I can try to make a difference while being stuck at home.

When I think of NYC, I think of a city that is so dynamic and vibrant that it both inspires and challenges you to the extreme as an artist. I think of its incredible diversity of ethnicities and cultures that isn’t found anywhere else on Earth. I also think of the entirely selfless way that the people of New York come together and support each other in times of difficulty.”

Tell us about where the proceeds are going and why that’s important to you

“I’ll be donating the proceeds to the NYC COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund that provides support to health care workers and essential staff, local small businesses, and other vulnerable New Yorkers. It’s important to me that the proceeds go toward a fund that helps the many heroes who are risking their health and lives for others, while also providing support to those who are most vulnerable and in need.”

Why these images?

“I chose these four images because they represent very distinct fond memories that I have of NYC.”

Hidden City I by Navid Baraty on 500px.com

Hidden City II by Navid Baraty on 500px.com

Hidden City I and II

These images were taken from the rooftops of skyscrapers that I photographed from where I watched the rhythmic city life below and created my more well-known series of images looking down on Manhattan from high above.

Bryant Park Movie Night by Navid Baraty on 500px.com

Bryant Park Movie

This image is full of people gathered in Bryant Park for a summer movie night and reminds me of the many wonderful free events around the city where you can go be together with friends on a warm summer night or afternoon. Seeing all the people gathered so closely together seems so hard to believe now.

Winter in New York by Navid Baraty on 500px.com

Winter in NY

This photo is from just one of the many times where I’d eagerly anticipate some sort of inclement weather to hit the city so that I could go and capture the beauty and feeling of New York streets in winter.

Do you want to take home one of these amazing limited edition prints, while also supporting the city of NY Learn more on Navid’s website

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