What would dogs take pictures of if they could use a camera? It’s a seemingly impossible question, but Nikon Asia actually figured out a way to answer it with their new Heartography experiment.

The idea is simple and ingenious: they used the dog’s heart rate to trigger the camera. Nikon created a special dog camera mount that uses an external heart rate monitor to trigger a Coolpix L31 point-and-shoot.

Every time your puppy’s heart rate spikes, the camera takes a photo.


It’s brilliant! Human users can adjust the heart rate at which the camera is triggered, while the heart rate monitor constantly beams the canine’s vitals to the mount wirelessly.

The result is a photographic document of the most exciting moments in your dog’s day—quite literally an answer to the question “What would dogs take pictures of if they could use a camera?”

Here’s a little video about the project, followed by a set of photo captured bt Nikon’s test dog Grizzler using the fun contraption:







Sadly, there is no word on when or whether this idea will become a commercial product for all us dog lovers, but if you want more info, you can check out Nikon’s Heartography website.

[H/T PetaPixel]