The goal of a 500px Guest Editor is to highlight active members of our community, while selecting individuals who are not only amazing photographers in their own right, but have experience in curating unique, quality content. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce our two new Guest Editors for the month of December, who will be curating our prestigious Editors’ Choice page! Scroll down to read more about these inspiring artists and visit their breathtaking work online.

Meet Sam Brockway


“Long before I had any interest or ability in photography, I was an avid traveler and outdoorsman. I grew up in a small town in Northern California, and have always been captivated by the lifestyle and aesthetic of recreating outdoors. Over time, photography became a natural complement to the activities I was drawn to, anyway. Like many people, this began with bringing along a little point-and-shoot camera on trips, but I kept seeing photos of places that I had been that struck me with wonder while making me green with envy. The process of figuring out why their photos were so much better than mine sent me down a rabbit hole. I got my first DSLR in 2012, and spent countless hours perusing YouTube for instructions on how to shoot with it and edit in Lightroom.”

jordan valley by Sam Brockway on

My photography is a genuine depiction of my life and personality. I am drawn to beautiful, serene places, and trying to capture an authentic connection to these places. My style is relatively organic, and my favorite images are those of places that I have not seen from other photographers. I love hitting the road with an open itinerary, finding seldom-used trails, and camping on a remote alpine lake.”

morning soak by Sam Brockway on

Q: Who is your favourite photographer and why?
A: Ask me tomorrow, and I will likely have two different answers, but for today, I will say Chris Burkard and Jason Charles Hill. Chris’ lifestyle is incredible to me. He’s not the type of photographer to settle with a few shots from a vista view off a highway. He gets out there (way out there), to places that inspire me to push myself to new and more remote areas and to challenge myself. Jason’s photos have so much style. The sense of scale he captures leaves me staring at his photos.

dangling by Sam Brockway on

Q: If you could have dinner with one person (living or deceased), who would this be and why?
A: Ed Abbey. My beard hero, and the writer of the most wonderfully curmudgeonly book (Desert Solitaire) depicting the reality of a life lived outdoors. He also worked tirelessly to protect wilderness throughout the American West.



Meet Amelie Satzger


“I am a 21 year old conceptual and fashion photographer from Munich, Germany. I started taking photos 2 years ago, mainly with conceptual self-portraits, and it more and more became my life. Currently I’m working as an photography assistant in Berlin.”

I jumped into my grave and died by Amelie Satzger on

Q: Who is your favourite photographer and why?
A: One of my favourite photographers of all time is Tim Walker. His photos combine fashion and conceptual photography and tell stories. That’s all I aim to do as well.

Fragile Sky by Amelie Satzger on

Q: If you could have dinner with one person (living or deceased), who would this be and why?
A: Laura Marling maybe. Just to thank her for her beautiful music and to tell her how much it inspired all I created and all I am as a person right now.


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