We love environmentally-friendly lifestyles! For our Green Living Photo Quest, we asked you to submit photos that celebrated being eco-friendly and encouraged sustainability.

Though there were many incredible submissions that inspired us to be more “green,” the winner was Søren Thuesen with his photo “Rooftop Garden & Restaurant.” Our contest judge thought this well-executed aerial shot showcased the farm really well, and that the photo was shot at the perfect time, with a sunset that “adds a nice and welcoming feeling”:

Rooftop Garden & Restaurant by Søren Thuesen on 500px.com

Thuesen gave us insight into his winning photo and the stunning location where it was shot: “The roof to beat all roofs in Copenhagen! Just a few years back this former outside garage for a car dealership was turned into a rooftop garden. The roof hosts everything from beehives, chickens, and lots of vegetables to a beautiful restaurant within a greenhouse. I’ve been lucky enough to visit this place 4 times and every time has been as epic as the last—watching the sun setting from this place truly makes for a magic night.”

Thuesen also told us a little about himself and his photography: “I’ve been into graphic design since as far back as I can remember. I’ve always been playing with colors, typography, lines, and visuals in general, so photography came as a natural extension of that. I’m a huge fan of landscapes and man-made structures above and below ground, but I’m always carrying my camera in case of epic situations like a sudden rooftop sunset in the middle of dinner. Today I’m working as a photographer and a visual designer—one day I’m shooting hotels and beaches for a travel agency, the other creating books and websites.”

Want more inspiration for green living? Check out our runners-up below:

Hand holding young fern leaf by Oleksandr Boiko on 500px.com

save trees by Puneet Vikram Singh on 500px.com

Veg market by Olivier Schram on 500px.com

Man holding fresh strawberries by Vladislav Nosick on 500px.com

bulb life by Simon Zoltan on 500px.com

A young woman working in the garden by Natalia Pindakov on 500px.com

Guten Tag! by Dmytro Korol on 500px.com

Fresh beet. by Iryna Soltyska on 500px.com


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