You don’t always need a helicopter, hot air balloon, or even a drone to capture beautiful aerial-style photographs, Polish photographer Marcin Sobas has proven this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

In the summer and spring, Marcin often travels to Italy and spends time photographing the Tuscan landscape. His images are, in a word, idyllic—rolling green hills, isolated villas, and light-dappled fields so perfect you can almost hear the breeze ruffling the grass.

Oh, and one more thing: sheep.

Marcin’s idyllic landscapes—like the one above, uploaded just five days ago—often feature flocks of sheep and their shepherds, photographed from such a great distance that it seems as if the photos are captured from the air.

Tiny pinpricks of fluffy white wool, often accompanied by a shepherd and a Tuscan dog or two, leave trails of dust in their wake as they move from hillock to hillock grazing away the day.

The photos, Marcin revealed recently, are actually captured from an opposing hill using a very long lens. In this way, he doesn’t startle the sheep… or get on the wrong side of one of the dogs.


We’ve fallen in love with all of Marcin’s peaceful, halcyon landscapes. To see them all, follow Marcin on 500px, visit his website, or go say hi on Facebook.

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