Huge news broke out of the camera drone/action cam industry last night. Nick Woodman—GoPro founder and CEO—just confirmed what rumors have been saying about a year: GoPro will indeed be releasing its very own camera drone!

Details are still very limited, but Woodman dropped the bombshell during an interview at Re/Code’s Code Conference. Here’s the official confirmation, posted by Re/Code on their Twitter account:

It’s not hard to imagine why GoPro is making this move—a lightweight quadcopter and a GoPro are basically a match made in heaven. But the official news does probably drive a bit of a wedge between GoPro and the most prolific camera drone maker: DJI.

Up until now, if you were attaching a GoPro to a drone, chances were very good that drone was some sort of DJI Phantom. Starting sometime in the first half of 2016, that might change.

Here are a few examples of aerial photos captured by 500px community members using small quadcopter drones… usually with a GoPro attached:

Woodman wouldn’t share any pricing details during the interview, but he did say that GoPro is a “consumer focused company,” seeming to suggest that GoPro’s drone offering will be in line with DJI or Parrot’s more affordable options.

[H/T PetaPixel]