Photography topics in the headlines this week: Canon vs. Nikon, shining an (ultraviolet) light on nature, and why photographers should pose for photos. Read on for more of the Very Important Photography Topics currently on our minds at 500px.

1. How do you feel about having your photo taken?

We’re all here because we love photography, right? Right. But having your photo taken is an entirely different story. Fstoppers dug into the topic in a recent oped, which declared that having your photo makes you a better photographer, because it helps you to understand your clients.

We want to know your thoughts in this week’s Very Important Photography question: How do you feel about having your photo taken? Do you agree it makes you a more empathetic photographer? Let us know in the comments below, or Twitter and Facebook!

Reebok 07 by Tomasz Dudek on

Source: Fstoppers

2. #WAYNRTH: 4 photographers capture the Lotofen Islands

Four incredible photographers journeyed through the Lotofen Islands in four days, sharing knowledge and their love for photography in #WAYNRTH by Olympus. We sat down with the four photographers to find out more, and get the scoop on their most compelling shots from the experience.

Read the full interview on the 500px blog here.

The cabin, Lofoten by Locarl on

Northern Lights in Andenes by Alex Conu on

Landscape 10 by Alex Conu on

Lofoten landscapes by Anne Østerby on

Lofoten, Norway by Locarl on

3. Seeing nature in a new light—ultraviolet

500px photographer Don Komarechka‘s otherworldly work gives nature the gravitas of a red carpet celebrity. Shooting with UV fluorescence light, Dan’s macro subjects are showcased in an ultraviolet light that immediately catches and holds your eye. Resource Mag Online recently profiled Dan and his ultraviolet photography, aptly-dubbing it “supernatural and alien-like.”

Check out some of Dan’s work below, and see more on his 500px profile.

Glow of the Cicada 2 by Don Komarechka on

Emerald Feast by Don Komarechka on

Dragon Mosaic by Don Komarechka on

Arachnophobia by Don Komarechka on

Weevil in Wonderland by Don Komarechka on

Source: Resource Mag Online

4. Stories behind the photos: Tanner Wendell Stewart

We’ve been agog lately at 500px HQ, reading the stories 500px Classes instructor Tanner Wendell Stewart has been spontaneously sharing about some of the photos on his profile.

Our recent favorite? The time he fell in the lake below, just before shooting it. “Anytime I fall into water I usually decide to embrace it and jump all the way in.” There’s a pearl of wisdom in there, somewhere.

Click on the photo titles below to see more of Tanner’s recent stories.

rawson lake. kananaskis country. alberta. 30 minut ... by Tanner Wendell Stewart on

foggy colchuck lake. dragontail peak. enchantments. washington. by Tanner Wendell Stewart on

wallowa lake. joseph. oregon. 1 year ago @mariawen ... by Tanner Wendell Stewart on

A great debate: Canon vs. Nikon

500px photographer and influencer Jared Polin tackled one of the most common questions he says he’s asked on his YouTube channel: which camera is better, Canon or Nikon?

We’re staying as neutral as Switzerland in this debate (we love all cameras!), but for anyone contemplating a new camera or just looking for more info on how the two brands stack up, the video below is well worth a watch. He’s not called FroKnowsPhoto for nothing.